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PR Rules




1)       EDITORS and Reporters have very little time and very little patience.  They receive, on average, over 200 releases a day from companies all over the world

CONCLUSION: They will probably not read your release

2)       EDITORS are very specialized and they change their specialty quite often

CONCLUSION: My job is to make sure that each editor receives the information that relates to his specialty

3)       EDITORS, REPORTERS, THE PRESS IN GENERAL know their jobs. They do not need to submit their stories to you, they do not need your help in writing them and they will not give you a preview of the story.

CONCLUSION: Either take over the publication or don’t ask to help.

4)       EDITORS are human and have a need to get their job done quickly and efficiently

CONCLUSION: The quicker we meet their needs the quicker we get into print. My job consists in ensuring that we know what their needs are before we meet, and to make sure we can satisfy them.

5)       EDITORS are not interested in advertising.

CONCLUSION: Do not mention advertising.

6)       STORIES are whatever the editor chooses to make out of your information.

CONCLUSION: Once the story is written there is no callback, no complaining and no post-editorializing.

7)       STORIES can be placed into very simple categories, but the editor does the placing.

CONCLUSION: Determine what type of story you are presenting and the editor will do the categorizing.

8)       STORIES are by order of interest, fast breaking disasters, slow breaking disasters, people of importance doing important things, new breakthrough products in new categories, older products doing new things, new versions of old products. Then we have the trash news stories that will only be placed by becoming a nuisance. These include strategic alliances between two unimportant companies, me too stories, design wins, personnel changes (Unless the CEO shoots a VP), following major trends, obscure technical factoids etc.

CONCLUSION: Be realistic before requesting coverage and place your story in its true context, if you don’t the editor certainly will.

9)       STORIES become obsolete the moment they appear anywhere else.

CONCLUSION: For maximum effect do not leak your story unless embargoed, to your favorite editor, keep it for a complete roll out.

10)   OFF THE RECORD never is.

CONCLUSION: Don’t ask and never ever assume!

Peter Brown


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Web: www.euromarketingtools.com  Email: Peter@euromarketingtools.com