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New Module Opens Biodiesel Production to Low Cost Oil Sources

San Jose Calif. March 18, 2008:- Euro Marketing Tools (EMT) will market and sell the Greenline Industries, high FFA processor to process oils and fats with a maximum FFA content below 13%. The new device allows biodiesel producers to process a large number of less valuable oils for biodiesel production.

The transesterification process does not tolerate oils with free fatty acids in excess of 5%. Above that the biodiesel quality starts to deteriorate. In essence that leaves a number of feedstock sources out of the equation and in most cases they become landfill. By reducing the FFA content, yellow greases, old vegetable oils and process oils can now be transformed and used in the biodiesel production process.

“This pre-processing module will go a long way in making less desirable vegetable and animal oils suitable for transesterification processing. It is an added option for biodiesel producers who are facing the high cost of suitable feedstocks for their facilities. We can see a ready market for the units in European countries where there is a large meat processing industry such as France, Belgium, Spain and the UK,” said Peter Brown, EMT principal.

The new unit uses  a horizontal, mechanically-aided, thin film evaporator designed to handle a wide range of difficult evaporation and reaction applications. In this application the oil is processed at 470oC and uses nitrogen infusions to strip out the FFAs. Emissions for both water and nitrogen are minimal since the system, like the Greenline processor, does not use water and the nitrogen is recovered and reused. The purified oils, still at high temperature, are immediately inserted into the transesterification unit thus reducing the need for process heat.

The new FFA stripper is available now for biodiesel facilities in the 10 million gallon a year and above size. Please contact Euro Marketing Industries for pricing and availability.

In Europe, Peter@euromarketingtools.com or Michel@euromarketingtools.com

In the US, Paul@euromarketingtools.com






Media contact:

Name: Peter Brown
Telephone: (408) 426 5585
Email: Peter@euromarketingtools.com

IPT to Market and Sell Low Cost Glycerin Purifier

New Unit to Supplement Biodiesel Production Facilities Worldwide

San Jose, Calif, August 31, 2010: International Procurement Tools, Inc.(IPT), a Reno Nevada based company, today announced that it will be marketing and selling a radically new glycerin purifier based on patented proprietary membrane technology from an undisclosed Canadian research center.

“Glycerin has always been the orphan product of the biodiesel industry, for every gallon of biodiesel there is a gallon of crude glycerin that has to be dealt with in mostly unprofitable ways”, according to Peter Brown, IPT’s Co-founder. “Our simple device can provide up to 99.97% pure glycerin that can be delivered into the market and sold as a near pharma level product instead of being burned, discarded or trucked at cost to a local dump.”

The new process is based on a low energy, low pressure simple membrane system that allows the crude glycerin (70% pure or better) to flow through and discard all of its impurities, water and salts along the way leaving only the purified glycerin. Tests from a 10Ton per Day beta site indicates that the process is both economical to operate but will sell for fractions of the existing systems on the market today.

The first commercial unit will be deployed at an unnamed site in Canada, and subsequent units can be purchased from IPT in 40 TPD configurations with delivery in 90 days from first payment. Price and availability can be obtained from IPT.

IPT designs and assembles complete biodiesel facilities with all its ancillaries to ensure that profitability flows from multiple revenue streams during the process. The company represents crushing, extraction, processing and other products and technologies to clients worldwide.